суббота, 18 ноября 2017 г.

Rainbow Zebra Soap for November Soap Challenge

Hi guys! This is my entry for Dirty Fluid Pour Soap Challenge.
I had opportunity to jump into it just the night before deadline... So I had just one adventurous attempt.
Here it is:
My inspiration was idea of rainbow colored zebra pattern and I used black, white, and rainbow colors in my soap:

I chose the recipe that I use quit often: 20% Coconut oil, 30% Lard, 20% Palm oil, 15% Safflower oil, 15% Avocado oil, 25% water, 3% citric acid, Yuzu Cybilla fragrance. Next, it was some preparations for pouring. Beside different sized tubes I decided add some color accents with straws. Had to make layer of plasticine to keep all this formation together.

Smallest tubes was poured with all range of rainbow colors. Big ones with black, white, and some rainbow leftovers. And straws was filled just with contrast colors. After pouring was done:
After removing big tubes:
Then smaller tubes was out:

All done:

How it was after I moved the slab form from different angles:
And more pictures after final cut. And I wish to have more time for few more attempts in this technique: 

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  1. Oh my goodness, you nailed it! this is so perfect. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  2. Your soap is beautiful - I love how you were able to use so many different colors.

  3. Лена, поздравляю с победой! Очень красивое мыло!)

  4. So well done, bravo! How do you do this trim? So special!

  5. I just noticed, that your hard oils were 70% and the soft oils 30%! How did you managed keep that batter fluid enough with such big % of hard oils?