пятница, 15 декабря 2017 г.

Soap "The universe in the jewelry box"

Straight Line Design for December Soap Challenge club.

"The Universe in the jewelry box" soap or goodbye Soap Challenge Club!

At first, it was quite difficult to decide on this design because it was almost impossible to come up with something new with just straight lines. I decided to make two batches from the same colors. I sat down with some paper, pencils, and cup of tea and eventually came up with this:
Then I built a foam board mold so I could flip it from side to side and just a "slim and tall" mold.
I will be honest it took a while to make the layers. Mostly because I have a baby who requires most of my time. 
Five days later i cut it and found a tiny Universe inside. :) 

And what came out of my second batch:

The last two months I have had so much fun participating in the soap challenge and would like to say, "Thank you, Amy Warden, for organizing the soap challenge. Good luck to you!".

суббота, 18 ноября 2017 г.

Rainbow Zebra Soap for November Soap Challenge

Hi guys! This is my entry for Dirty Fluid Pour Soap Challenge.
I had opportunity to jump into it just the night before deadline... So I had just one adventurous attempt.
Here it is:
My inspiration was idea of rainbow colored zebra pattern and I used black, white, and rainbow colors in my soap:

I chose the recipe that I use quit often: 20% Coconut oil, 30% Lard, 20% Palm oil, 15% Safflower oil, 15% Avocado oil, 25% water, 3% citric acid, Yuzu Cybilla fragrance. Next, it was some preparations for pouring. Beside different sized tubes I decided add some color accents with straws. Had to make layer of plasticine to keep all this formation together.

Smallest tubes was poured with all range of rainbow colors. Big ones with black, white, and some rainbow leftovers. And straws was filled just with contrast colors. After pouring was done:
After removing big tubes:
Then smaller tubes was out:

All done:

How it was after I moved the slab form from different angles:
And more pictures after final cut. And I wish to have more time for few more attempts in this technique: 

четверг, 12 ноября 2015 г.

This is Soap Chellenge, baby! No jokes...

Tall & Skinny Shimmy Challenge Club.
This Soap Challenge is my first one, so it's very exciting! Even at night in my dreams I made this soap. And this challenge was an actual challenge. Tall & Skinny Shimmy technique turned out to be one of the most complex techniques of all I have ever tried.
Unfortunately, I did not record the process of creating this soap because I was too passionate about the process and forgot about recording. To this point, I've already lost count of unsuccessful and unsatisfactory attempts. There were many of them — I can think of 10. But that's life, and I had a lot of fun! The soap was unwilling to behave like Tatiana Serko's soap. It wanted to be something different every time.
So the soap, which I put on Soap Challenge is "Lavender Blues" 

This soap was colored only with two micas: Purple Vibrance  and  Neutral Gray Micas in different shades (from Nurture Soap). And of course, the magical Lavender smell is from French lavender essential oil (from Aroma Zone.com).
And here are results of some more attempts, which were not included in the Soap Chellenge, but I think the results are worthy of being published.

I also want to thank Amy Warden for the opportunity to participate in this challenge, and Tatiana Serko for her great teacher talent and being open to sharing her professional secrets!